bubbly and charming (juliebeanh) wrote,
bubbly and charming

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15 days to go

So things are falling into place nicely for the wedding. 15 days to go as of the big day. And unfortunatley due to tropical storm hanna supposedly going to hit Wilmington there is no Bachelorette weekend, much less a bachelorette party before the big day.(Wilmington is where we were going to go and rendevous) Yes it makes me sad and disappointed. So I'll have a post wedding "girls weekend/bachelorette weekend" hopefully in November. It won't be the same though, because I'll already be married and I have to miss out on the "last single girls time". And since I'm staying here, I'll try to camp out at my maid of honor's house. Tommy has to work all weekend and I'd feel safer in a house not a trailer to weather out this damn storm!
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