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Three months to go!

Create and print your own invitations may have been the best invention ever and the best way to save money on invitations as well.

Planning a wedding is hard work and there are way too many details, but things are coming together nicely and we have a little over three months to go. Woah, it will be here before we know it.

We've picked out tuxes
I have my dress and had bridal portraits taken
we have finalized the catering
we have a photographer
we are working on favors
I'm printing invitations as I type this
we have finalized flowers
booked the wedding/reception location
working on the cake
booked our honeymoon
purchased the cake topper and toasting flukes
set aside rental equipment
have a dj

Work is picking up drastically so I'm pretty exhausted each night when I get home at 8. But it's been fun.

Tommy's nephews and mom and sister in law were in town last week, so we went to the beach and the waterpark.
There's still stuff to do but a lot of the stress releaving stuff is taken care of as of right now.
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