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It's been too long

I haven't written in here in long long time, I read it and see how everyone else is doing, but seem to not think my life is important enough or eventful enough to write about. So here goes...

I really love my new job, and the two guys I work with, I'm getting better with my voice over the phone and making it sound happy when customers ask ridiculous questions or questions I don't have the answer to. I enjoy getting up now and knowing I have a beautiful 35-45 minute drive (depending on where I sleep) ahead of me and at the end of that drive I'm at a job, I don't despise. I'm good at my job and am hard worker. My boss even notices and it makes me happy and proud to see that I am sucessful.

Also even though I have the job I truly love, and a wonderful fiance who loves me and we are having a lot more fun days lately (we had some minor rough patches) I feel I only truly have one friend here in Charleston and that Is Tommy. I spend almost every waking moment when not at work with him, because he calls me everyday and wants to see me. He is pretty much the only person who does call me these days. I feel alone. People who I thought were my friends don't return my phone calls, I know we all lead busy lives, I do as well, but I just feel like I'm on the back burner on some many people's minds. I want to go out, but I don't want to go out alone. For once I'm not in a financial rut and no one calls me to go out. When I didn't have the cash flow, people would call. Just my luck.
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