bubbly and charming (juliebeanh) wrote,
bubbly and charming

abracadabra holmes!

I finally made it to Wilmington. I've been trying to go for two years now and something always happened. I took the weekend off, my first one off in about three weeks and met up with some photogs and others and had a blast at a sleezy hotel that allows pets (why katie chose it)and I got knocked down by some killer waves, drank till i was shitfaced at dinner and two bars in wilmington. the 12 of us turned an irish pub into a dance party bar by the end of the night. It was hella awesome. Sunday I went to see my parents in cherry grove, since they were on vacation. We ate at the worst seafood buffet ever and witnessed a car accident two cars in front of us, another 30 seconds earlier and we would have been the ones that got hit. A group of us went to see talledega nights on friday, it was pretty funny.

This weekend is the big wedding that I am super stoked and nervous about.
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