bubbly and charming (juliebeanh) wrote,
bubbly and charming

since we last spoke....

I have
~locked myself out of my house (had to fork over 60 bucks to get back in)
~seen superman returns with Tommy
~seen pirates of the caribean twice
~saw Alison in NC and had interesting conversation
~went to NC to the dentist and then leave that dentist establishment so I can now find someone closer and in charleston (i am insured now)
~saw friends in NC I hadn't seen in two years (they are coming in september for a visit, I can hardly wait)
~saw my parents and brother
~FINALLY got to go to the beach since I moved down here (with my boyfriend and his friends)
~gotten paid (always a good thing)
~worked way toooo much (I hate the drive)
~got a few new clothes

so that is life right now

you guys have fun at pete yorn this weekend....call if you feel like it
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