bubbly and charming (juliebeanh) wrote,
bubbly and charming

couch surfing

so last night started couch surfing trip home to NC number one, the next trip will be sometime in september. I haven't been home since March and haven't seen my parents since April, haven't cut, trimmed etc my hair since December, so it is looking scary, ha! And I'm going to the dentist. Last night the lovely Alison and Lori entertained me after my 2 and half hour drive to charlotte with *interesting* conversation and some alcohol. Tonight I am having dinner with my parents and bro to celebrate the two july birthdays (mom and chris's) and sleeping on their couch, tomorrow greensboro to see lauren, nick and millie and sleep on lauren and nick's couch and sunday hopefully brunch at village tavern in gboro before I head back to charleston. The first three days i have had off in a row in almost three months, I am super excited.
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