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Two months to go

I rarely come in here and post , I just read how you guys are doing and go on with each day.

The wedding is getting closer and I started getting RSVP's. I love mail. There are little things that need to be done between now and September 20, but I'm trying to not stress about it.

I'm thinking about making a trip to NC sometime in August (even though gas is etrosious) and see my family and some friends. My only vacation the whole year is my honeymoon. I'm in need of a vacation! The summer has been supremely busy at work. Lots of beach family portraits. Tommy is getting moved to the Goose Creek store to manage. It will be closer to where we live an he will have more help under him. Maybe he will get a day off.

Living together at first had its ups and downs, but we have worked out the kinks and I just don't mention the wedding unless it is a small dose. Guys just don't care about the planning and stuff. It's definatley a girl thing.

I had my bridal portraits done and I can email you a link to the website and password if any of you are interested in seeing them.

We saw The Dark Knight.....amazing!!!! I believe we are going to go see it again soon.
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